poniedziałek, 5 stycznia 2015

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online carries well-known to all settlers to the browser. 

Brand is responsible for the conversion of the same studio as an original or Blue Byte. 

Knowing the value of the game and the players for the commitment they have used the same gameplay elements as in the previous sections.

The whole game is based on the skilful and sustainable development of our kingdom. The foundation of every settlement network is efficient distribution of goods to do so, we must erect new buildings and upgrade them regularly and ensure that our patients have everything in abundance. After proper development of our economy must take care of our army, because she is the core of our power, and only thanks to her, we can expand our empire.

A large difference between the settlers and the classic przeglądarkowymi aspect is the network. Next to us are more or less the kingdom managed by other players with whom to ally, trade and even fight. The entire game was embellished with colorful and visually pleasing artistic setting reminiscent of the first views of the cycle.

The game zaimpletowano micro payments system. There are so balanced that we do not need to spend our money because that's all we can to get devoting a little more time and paying for the game. The game is currently in open beta tests, but I note that after the end of the account will remain, an additional argument for trying out the title of the Polish language version.