środa, 7 stycznia 2015

4 Story

4 Story

This MMORPG developed by Zemi Interactive and published in the first half of March 2009 in Poland by Gameforge4D, known mainly from the issue of text-based games, such as whether Ikariam Ogame. 

In many ways it resembles World of Warcraft, and some even call 4Story clone of World of Warcraft due to the very large number of similar solutions and a similar creation of the world. Game developers poszczycili not even on the original names, which in one letter 4Story often resemble those of the World of Warcraft - for example Derion and Darion. 4Story world is divided into three nations: Valorian Derion Gor and strong.

Valorian, a country dominated by the military. It is inhabited by people tough, strong and proven in many battles.

Derion, is a land of magic. Civilization Derion his entire existence was tied with the myths, the spirits of the land and communing with the magic.

The player was given a choice of 3 playable races: Human and Feline Fairy and 6 classes: Warrior, Knight, Dark Shadow, Archer, Magician, Priest, and Enchanter.

In the game, the focus is mainly on solving the tasks assigned to us by the NCP, for which we get exp and gain lvls. Besides fighting with all sorts of creatures, but we can also to challenge another player in PvP.