niedziela, 4 stycznia 2015



Enter a world of fantasy funny shade of Kings 
Join forces with loud and proud elves , dwarves, and take on the evil forces of the shadows !

Experience a new dimension of fun games including the capture of free-to -play game .

Defend your city against orcs , goblins and trolls !

Fight or form alliances with other players to gain power and honor.

The Shadow Kings MMO control the fate of your city in a fantastic 3D world full of mysteries and dangers.

Raise a mighty army of elves , dwarves and humans. Sharpening axes, draw the bow and go to war with barbarous enemies.

 Build your city in a big metropolis.

Protect your people , behind the thick walls and collect taxes from them in return.

Conducting trade and get the economy rolling .

Crush the uprising evil enemies , learn pushy neighbors respect and increase their revenues by 
acquiring stations .

Alone or join forces with other players in alliances.

Competition for prestige, power and supremacy in the kingdom began !

Shadow Play Kings - building and strategy game from the creators

Empire: Four Kingdoms - now on your Android smartphone or tablet.