sobota, 10 stycznia 2015

Star Conflict

Star Conflict

Star Conflict is a space simulator realized in the convention MMO. 

This is the debut of studies Star Gem, owned specializing in simulations Russian company Gaijin Entertainment.

The game is set in the distant future, three thousand years after the first colonists left Earth. Proceeds in the galaxy are divided between powerful stellar empires and large groups of mercenaries. All eyes are turned towards the recently discovered Sector 1337. There are ruins of civilization Precursors - an ancient race that was destroyed by a mysterious cataclysm. People certainly do not intend to let the alien artifacts left lying fallow. Despite the many dangers lurking out there, more and more daredevils venture into the remote areas of Sector 1337 in search of riches and fame. It is in these adventurers take on players.

Star Conflict combines elements of the space simulator and MMO. So we begin the adventure of creating his own character. Fun resembles classic productions likes of Wing Commander, and the next to us in a game attended by hundreds of other people. We can communicate with them, to work (for example, performing together difficult missions), or compete and fight. Flight physics is not fully realistic, but also the complexity of the whole is more than the typical arcade game shooter.

 It features a wide range of players was given weapons and ships, from small and fast fighters to large star cruisers. All this we use when filling a variety of missions. Over time, virtual pilots learn new skills and their machines equipped with many improvements.