środa, 7 stycznia 2015

Anno Online

Anno Online

Anno Online is almost a full-sized part of a series designed to play in any web browser. 

The game was developed in flash technology and does not require installing any additional plug-ins. 

Is responsible for the title of the German company Blue byte.

The authors prepared a complex economic mechanics, so the bottom and most important layer of Anno Online is no different than the regular series. 

The player's task is the construction and urban development in the era of stylized Middle Ages, as well as taking care of the development of trade in raw materials and agricultural produce to meet the needs of residents. For this purpose, it is necessary to assume the city on the first island, which is the same for all users of the game. It was only with the development and construction of the shipyard following exploration and expansion into other lands with a flotilla of ships. One person can control a maximum of nine islands.

The player is one hundred and twenty different types of buildings, and each one has called. sphere of influence. This allows for accurate planning expansion of the city and makes it easier to respond to the needs of residents. All in all, each of the cities may consist of up to eight hundred buildings.

An important element of the game is the ability to cooperate with other players. This applies above all trade in raw materials, but you can also rent boats or help build a monument - a great cathedral. In Anno Online does not provide for the possibility of speaking of generating wars and spies, so that existence is purely peaceful. Players can form themselves into guilds.