czwartek, 15 stycznia 2015

Desert Operations

Desert Operations

The Desert Operations begin the game as the ruler of a small country, which does not mean much in the international arena.

Our goal is to change, and only depends on us how we do it. One of the ways is to expand military power and aggressive policy and the use of the military to gain an advantage over your opponents. Desert Operations also provides, however, more subtle methods of development of the state. We assume alliances or join existing pacts and gain an advantage in diplomacy or engage in trade and create economic power with which to establish an alliance better than to start a war, hoping for help, for example in the form of valuable raw materials.

First, the economy, then the army

Operations Desert Gameplay takes place at two levels: the management of the base and the military. In the first case, you have to take care of the continuous extraction of raw materials and the proper functioning of an economic base, because without money, and a constant supply of raw materials quickly become an easy target for other players.