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World of Warplanes PL

World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is airline MMO based on the model free of micropayments. 

Produced by studio Wargaming.net, mainly known World of Tanks. 

The economic system of the game is also common to other online gaming this team, that is World of World of Battleships Tanks which means that the virtual currency and experience in one of these titles can also utilize the other two.

The game allows you to sit at the controls of one of the many aircraft from the so-called period. the golden age of aviation - from machines that predates the Second World War until the first jet fighter used during the Korean War, or prototypes, which were never completed (eg. an experimental aircraft of the Third Reich). All aircraft have unique and true characteristics. With progress in the game, we can expand and improve, thus increasing their combat potential. Next steps careers virtual remote possibility of redemption are rewarded with better products. Only the best can get behind the wheel of jets.

Aircraft are divided into four classes - light and on-board closeup fighters directly maneuver, heavily armed fighters and assault machines specializing in attacks on ground targets. The standard mode of the game, developed specifically for World of Warplanes is Supremacy, in which we knock down all the enemy machines, or to develop an advantage on the battlefield, including due to the destruction of enemy ground installations. Aircraft, of course, they move much faster than the tanks, so the maps are more extensive than in World of Tanks. Not relying on any actual conflict has allowed developers to a lot of choice when creating a site. The game features levels placed on all continents and there is also a city battles.
World of Warplanes is not trying to be a simulator. Instead, control and interface are similar to those from the arcade. In contrast, the elements do not require direct supervision of players, such as flight physics and damage system, are quite realistic. Each aircraft in the air behaves in a manner similar to reality. According to the current fashion game also offers a lot of social features that allow players to communicate, competition and community associations organized in clans.