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LEGO Jurassic World - Park Jurajski III: Eric Kirby and The Birdcage

As usual start guide along the path traced by the transparent coin. At some point you reach the closed end. Alan then ditch the land to the left, with colorful blocks create a rod, through which jump Amanda. Destroy the crate on the left and build with black blocks the mechanism in which the red start spinning the crank, thereby opening a passage for other people.
Mark Alan and destroy the plants growing on the transition in the rest of the site. In this way you will go to the place from which you can start the mission.
Eric hideout
Embark on the right, and after reaching the dinosaur Eric skip it, using camouflage. Destroy orange object and make it a car that would distract dinosaur. Move to the right and up, where the blade Alan get rid of the plants on the hood of the car. Then grab a hook and drag him toward the trees on the right.
Hit with a winch, and when they get rid of the obstacles to the right, use a low crossing pass through no boyfriend. Destroy the blocks at the top and pieced together one ladder that Alan will come up. Go to the right and the edge of the destruction of the plants blocking the way.Then jump on the vine and jump to the ledge on the right.
Come on down and get to the streets with Raptor. Avoid using it with camouflage and walk to the generator in a corner from the right. Activate it, which will make the dinosaur race kicks.Get to the end of the street, where he raptor and take advantage of the low pass. Then turn the red lever, so open a passage for Alan.
The square on the right is sick dinosaur that must be healed. Search Eric droppings to the right of the reptile, and you will find a banana. Give him dinosaur. Now you have to provide him another candy bar and carrots. The sweetness is in the machine, which stands in a niche on the right. To get to it you must have to deal with a plant with Alan. Then kick in and deliver candy bar vending machine dinosaur.
Carrots can be found on the bottom of the screen. You have to dig it out of the ground with a spatula Alan. When you take over control of the dinosaur deal with raptorami that you attack.They are not too strong opponents and blow last make you unlock the transition to a location on the right side. Skip a few poles on the edge of the right.
Reach the right and destroy three orange boxes, which create a footbridge. Go after her on the other side and cut a blade Alan plants, to get to shelter the boy.
Skip the bushes on the other side of the stream. In the meantime, Eric will get a new skill compression bottles with the scent of T-Rex. With it you can, for example, quickly eliminate a large group of smaller dinosaurs, the so-called kompsów. Throw one of these bottles in a group of reptiles on the left.
With bone deposits Alan ladder, climb to the top, use the blade on the plant on the left, and then create a footbridge, after which go to the right. Destroy plants Alan blade and then throw in a group of dinosaurs smell of T-Rex. Excavation of earth and bones folded Alan ladder. Climb up, drove another kompsy and stand on the blue button Alan, then toss up Eric.
The most interesting weapons in video gamesnot only swords.The most interesting weapons in video games
Search droppings on the left and create with them a ladder to the doctor. Then go to the top of the screen and blocks create a pair of binoculars, through which seeking the boat. In this way, the step is finished.

The Birdcage

Head to the building, which leads transparent coin. Alan Cut the plant on a blue mechanism that repairs Paul. Then change the character Amanda, jump to the platform on the left and turn the red lever. In this way, you open the door and you'll be able to start phase.
Sockets pteranodonów
Move up the screen for the door at the end of the bridge. Dealing with plants using a knife Alan and move to the right. On the edge of Billy fuck right, exercise either of the parachute.On-site Destroy the crates, from blocks create a footbridge to the other members of the group.
Amanda use the rods to reach the platform on the right. On-site destroy objects and make them turnstile, which push the green block. When the road block your dinosaur, change the character at Alan and cut the rope with a panel on the wall. In this way, to drop to the opponent's head chest.
Go to the right and throw a hook Paul in orange handle, then pieced together the bones Alan. Go after created in this way walkway destroy the red vehicle and make it a rocket.Jump several times to pump the right, and after a while fire up the load straight into a dinosaur.
Climb the wall of Billy and use the parachute to fly to the right. Throw down the box and create a springboard from which to jump up. Go to the right, and cut the plant Alan. Get to the circular platform where destroy all objects of blocks, then build them a springboard, which go Billy. At this point you begin drag on a flight on a parachute.
Follow the form so that you stick to the route wytyczanej by districts coins. In the end you get to Eric, and after rescuing him start the last part of the stage.
Spinosaurus in action
Start with the destruction of the object on the left and the creation of the blocks first part of the weapons. Then throw Eric smell of the T-Rex in a small dinosaur from the right and dig down Alan. With blocks, create a container for bullets, then you get behind the wheel of weapons and shoot the explosive containers when spinozaurze.
Run around the character selection screen and choose Paul. Skip him on the platform to the right and then to the mainland. Climb up the ladder and use the hook on the orange gripper, causing water to drop explosive barrels.
Return to one of the characters at the department and shoot at just dropped the barrel.Switch to Paul, pieced together from blocks trampoline and jump on it to the right. Enter the lift and move the arm over the house on the right, after which point it over the dinosaur.Switch to the last time the person with the gun and fired several times a barrel. In this way you complete the last stage in the campaign.