poniedziałek, 5 stycznia 2015

World of Tanks PL

World of Tanks is a free MMO that focuses on the battles between the tanks. 

Produced by studio Wargaming.net, known for Order of War and Assault seriiMassive.

The game offers us a chance to take the lead in one of more than 150 tanks, tank destroyers and self-propelled artillery from different historical periods, from a time before the Second World War to the Korean War.

Each of them has a unique and consistent with the reality of the characteristics that can be improved through the development and various improvements. 

Equipment is made available to American, German, Soviet, French, British, Chinese and Japanese.

Clashes are in the form of short minikampanii and tournaments, as well as individual battles fought in various modes. 
You can also try your hand at one of the massive Clan Wars, in which players roll battles for control of the map, consisting of hundreds of provinces. 
In this mode, it is required not only a sharp eye, but also strategic and diplomatic capabilities. 
In the various battles involving units made with up to 15 players.
World of Tanks is a mixture of species. 
Simulation was used as the foundation, through which we can feel like a real tank commander. 
During the game we will have to develop and improve our "armored monster" like figure in productions RPG. All that has been flavored with elements of action and strategy. 
There is no room for lone wolves. In the world of World of Tanks only chance for survival is to work closely with the rest of branch.