niedziela, 11 stycznia 2015

Royal Quest

Royal Quest

Royal Quest is the first MMORPG game, 
designed by Russian studio Katauri Interactive - a producer who in the achievements of such popular series as Space Rangers and King's Bounty.

, Royal Quest is set in a fantasy world that bears the name of the Aura, where magic, technology and alchemy are intertwined, creating an unusual blend. Once peaceful land is presented to players at the moment is on the brink of collapse. Lead to the despicable actions of powerful alchemist. Not only that, he is able to kill anyone who gets in his way to power, it is still desired to possess a very rare and precious mineral Elenium, which gives the holder an almost unlimited power.
Players move into this production, at a time when a good ruler Aura, not capable to cope with the opportunist, ready to begin the search for daredevils attempt to overthrow the alchemist once and for all. In return, the heroes can count on the undying gratitude, money, castles and estates and titles.

The game, like most MMOs, consists of traversing the vast world of the game, completing tasks and missions commissioned by the independent characters, participating in raids, as well as the fight against opponents (played by a large number of different beast). The basis of success is, of course, the development of skills and abilities controlled hero. A large variety of role-playing are unmistakable pattern forts and castles.

 They are extremely important from the point of view of the game, as the Royal Quest one of the most important tasks of the player is to take over the building, and also collected the gold. Captured fortresses can each be equipped with additional infrastructure (mine gold or garden), which not only has a positive effect on the growth of prestige, but also is a source of valuable raw materials that are used by residents.
In carrying out its tasks the player takes part in clashes with a number of different opponents. According to the rules of MMO games, they are a source of experience points and gold. Sometimes liquidated enemy will leave behind a unique item or a special card that allows you to improve some element of your inventory or to acquire new skills.

Judging at the Royal Quest require the player to focus and continuous analysis of the situation. Fighting against the opponent to hot thunderbolts nothing useful to the most powerful burning sword. In turn, each creature ice fall under the weight of even the average of Fire Hammer. In addition, the game will not run out of PvP combat capabilities, as well as PvPvE, in which players can compete with one another and with the beasts controlled by the AI.