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The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [PC]

Premiere: May 19, 2015

This is the third edition of the popular series of role-playing game based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski. The game produced studio CD Projekt RED, which is also responsible for a team of two previous parts.

Again takes on the well-known from previous visits witcher. Role The main axis revolves around several separate threads. Among them were searching for a lost love Geralt and the invasion of the northern kingdom Nilfgaard on. 

We will try to refrain title Wild Hunt, both haunting Witcher novels, as well as present in the first and in small extent in the second part of the series. All these main tasks feature film-quality story, with branched paths of events, an impressive scenes and carefully wyreżyserowanymi intervening sequences. Interestingly, we can give up some threads, however, will have to reckon with this fact arising from unpleasant consequences. Apart from the main stories is also available a wealth of side missions, which together last for more than one hundred hours of fun. 

The authors have taken care of a large variety of challenges. During the adventure, among others, will be explored caves, ancient ruins and bustling village. Hunt monsters for profit and special prizes. There will also be task-based investigations. Different regions of the world offer their own mini-games (eg. Competition in throwing knives) with special prizes, but at the same time completing them is never required for the further development of the plot.

According to the tradition of the series, the third Witcher offers a great amount of freedom to play characters, and the plot is heavily branched, so as to allow the players to make different choices. At the same time the virtual world is highly dynamic. For example, some of our actions make threatened by bandits attack the village completely unpopulated. 

The game has the world with an open structure, which is forty times more extensive than the one in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The new engine (REDengine 3) has been designed to constantly load data in the background, thus avoiding loading screens. Option facilitates the movement of horse riding. With a good steed to reach from one end of the map to the other takes about 30-40 minutes. 

There is also the option to immediately travel to places previously visited.
Considerable changes have occurred in the combat system. Completely rebuilt AI opponents. Geralt has received 96 animation used in the clashes, while in the second part was their only 20. Players can finally stop the attack during and block punches and perform evasive, even when they run out of shape, but then they are not so effective. Instead of coups hero now performs fast pirouettes to go down the line hit the enemy. 

The new camera system is committed to a clear perspective during clashes. There were clashes with bosses (including the giant ice), but they are not scripted this time. Heavily also rebuilt the system of signs. Each of the five has a basic level, and with the development of the second stage unlock Geralt. For example, improved Igni cause an explosion of fire that surrounds the hero. The second level Ydren traps instead of one monster will create a large field, which slows all enemies residing in it.
During clashes also use the environment to a large extent. For example. 

We can telekinetically hit the street os attack enemies. In contrast, when they turn in our direction we burn them with a Igni. Expanding the knowledge base of their opponents to see other vulnerabilities. Some of defeated monsters leave you with impossible to get otherwise the ingredients for alchemy rules and create new objects. Geralt will also help to develop their own trees mutations, providing access to new capacity. Players can also develop skills in fencing and alchemy.