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Metal Gear Solid 5

Metal Gear Solid V:

 The Phantom Pain [Xbox 360]

Premiere:  2015

The next edition of the popular Japanese series the action games developed by Konami. Is responsible for its production studio Kojima Productions. The origins of the cycle, which is the originator and director Hideo Kojima, date back 1987 years. It consists of several major parts and many-core titles. 

The story of all of them joined together and present a variety of perspectives on the events that took place over several years.
The main protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is Punished Snake (aka Big Boss), one of the key figures in the Metal Gear universe, which is well-known veterans of the series, . 

He wakes up after nine years of coma, which was a result of his injuries, including the loss of his left hand. The events that led him to this state, are presented in the prologue of the game, titled Ground Zeroes. Shortly after regaining consciousness, the hospital in which he resides Snake is attacked by gunmen and the hero has to escape. It helps him in this mysterious patient with veiled face, showing up as Ishmael.

The creators have placed a lot of significant changes to the system of the game. One of the biggest news is the open world, offering a lot of fun and the freedom of choice of the path of further action. Metal Gear Solid 5 is driving a brand new engine - FOX Engine, developed by engineers and programmers from Kojima Productions. Its advantage is realistic visuals and advanced mapping capabilities of physics.

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The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [PC]

Premiere: May 19, 2015

This is the third edition of the popular series of role-playing game based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski. The game produced studio CD Projekt RED, which is also responsible for a team of two previous parts.

Again takes on the well-known from previous visits witcher. Role The main axis revolves around several separate threads. Among them were searching for a lost love Geralt and the invasion of the northern kingdom Nilfgaard on. 

We will try to refrain title Wild Hunt, both haunting Witcher novels, as well as present in the first and in small extent in the second part of the series. All these main tasks feature film-quality story, with branched paths of events, an impressive scenes and carefully wyreżyserowanymi intervening sequences. Interestingly, we can give up some threads, however, will have to reckon with this fact arising from unpleasant consequences. Apart from the main stories is also available a wealth of side missions, which together last for more than one hundred hours of fun. 

The authors have taken care of a large variety of challenges. During the adventure, among others, will be explored caves, ancient ruins and bustling village. Hunt monsters for profit and special prizes. There will also be task-based investigations. Different regions of the world offer their own mini-games (eg. Competition in throwing knives) with special prizes, but at the same time completing them is never required for the further development of the plot.

According to the tradition of the series, the third Witcher offers a great amount of freedom to play characters, and the plot is heavily branched, so as to allow the players to make different choices. At the same time the virtual world is highly dynamic. For example, some of our actions make threatened by bandits attack the village completely unpopulated. 

The game has the world with an open structure, which is forty times more extensive than the one in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The new engine (REDengine 3) has been designed to constantly load data in the background, thus avoiding loading screens. Option facilitates the movement of horse riding. With a good steed to reach from one end of the map to the other takes about 30-40 minutes. 

There is also the option to immediately travel to places previously visited.
Considerable changes have occurred in the combat system. Completely rebuilt AI opponents. Geralt has received 96 animation used in the clashes, while in the second part was their only 20. Players can finally stop the attack during and block punches and perform evasive, even when they run out of shape, but then they are not so effective. Instead of coups hero now performs fast pirouettes to go down the line hit the enemy. 

The new camera system is committed to a clear perspective during clashes. There were clashes with bosses (including the giant ice), but they are not scripted this time. Heavily also rebuilt the system of signs. Each of the five has a basic level, and with the development of the second stage unlock Geralt. For example, improved Igni cause an explosion of fire that surrounds the hero. The second level Ydren traps instead of one monster will create a large field, which slows all enemies residing in it.
During clashes also use the environment to a large extent. For example. 

We can telekinetically hit the street os attack enemies. In contrast, when they turn in our direction we burn them with a Igni. Expanding the knowledge base of their opponents to see other vulnerabilities. Some of defeated monsters leave you with impossible to get otherwise the ingredients for alchemy rules and create new objects. Geralt will also help to develop their own trees mutations, providing access to new capacity. Players can also develop skills in fencing and alchemy.

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X [Xbox 360]

Premiere: April 14, 2015

Mortal Kombat X is the tenth edition of the cult series of brutal fighting, which has existed since 1992, and also the second game of the series in the acquis NetherRealm studios. In other words, we are dealing with a continuation of a very successful Mortal Kombat in 2011.

Of course, the foundations of the game remained unchanged. Two warriors - selected from a pool consisting of such iconic characters as Raiden, Scorpion and Sub-Zero - meet at the arena in some unreal landscape and takes a bloody duel to the death, which is often crowned spectacularly violent "fatality". 

Mode, you can play both single- and multiplayer - in the case of the first fights take place in the framework of the campaign narrative, dealing fairly rich, for fight, history.

In the "top ten" there were also innovations to its predecessor. They result in some measure to the fact that the title of this part of the action takes place in even twenty-five years after the events of the previous views. Therefore, some warriors disappeared, and in their place are new characters (as even Cassie Cage, daughter of Johnny and Sonya is modeled on the Aztec gods Kotal Kahn).

 What's more, each player now comes in several variants, differing from each other tactic used, fighting style and available blocks. Was also a place for yet unknown arenas.

 In addition, the expansion lived to see the network functions - players can roll clashes within the global struggle for dominance, where the situation and image of the world are constantly changing with each duel was played. 

In addition, there were also a number of previously unavailable forms of fighting event.
It is worth mentioning that the game clearly wyładniała relative to its predecessor. 

This is primarily thanks to the fact that the Mortal Kombat also issued Xzostało eighth-generation consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4)

Grand Theft Auto 5 (XBOX-360)



In GTA V developer for the first time in the history of the concept of breaking up with worn-out one of the main character, but instead the player crosses the three criminals in the skin at the same time, offering any switch between them, and that in the course of the game. 

It is true that the germ of such a concept had already been on the occasion of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, but only now developers set out to deep water and used the potential of such a solution. Michael, a retired gangster, who previously specialized in bank robberies, was incorporated into the witness protection program and decided to change their lives - to take care of home and family. But something breaks in it, and return to the old. 

After arriving in Los Santos in unusual circumstances, he meets Franklin - young, black slicker that his career starting from scratch. Trevor arrives later, drug dealer, unpredictable and brutal sadistic psychopath in one - perhaps the most distinctive and controversial figure recently created for the purpose of the universe. Madman will not hesitate even to the greatest crime. Do not limit any of the rules - if someone wants to burn the house, it certainly will.

Three different personas - each with their own objectives, theme activities - three different stories that merge into a single entity. This procedure gave writers considerable room to maneuver, and the end result has created an innovative structure that allows you to watch the action from three perspectives. The narrative is complex, plot, although at the beginning does not knock anything unconventional, later expanding its wings and will not let go of the TV.

 After the second half of the game the relationship between all three, as well as supporting cast characters, take turns and start amazing sparkle - it's such a bomb that explodes at the end. If the story of Niko in Liberty City was one straight path, the course of events in GTA V resembles a complex network of intersecting roads where there is still a carambola. The action is not slowing down, building up the tension until the very end, and some scenes were removed alive from the movies.

 This is actually nothing new, because Rockstar years is modeled on the best action movies. In this case, even served as inspiration for "Fever" with Robert De Niro in the lead role. Give additional masterfully executed cinematic cut-scenes - at times I felt like I was sitting in a movie theater.

Particularly noteworthy are primarily numerous references to the previous series of hits - the way we meet old friends, and at some point the conversation revolves around a bank robbery in Liberty City. During the preparations for the first jump heroes Niko Bellic also mentioned. This is just the tip of the iceberg - such flavors is much more. In all the little things, but happy.

Grand Theft Auto 5

I present 

Grand Theft Auto 5 (PC)

Premiere: March 24, 2015

Grand Theft Auto V is another part of the famous gangster saga under the sign of Rockstar Games. Production crosses again the player to the giant, bustling metropolis and offers him considerable freedom of action. The title is a adventure action game with a camera ski hire from a third person perspective.

This time we return to Los Santos, a virtual adaptation of Los Angeles, located in the fictional state of San Andreas. There is no shortage at the sites outside the city - mountains, forests, meadows, lakes, farms, small towns, and even in the depths of the ocean environment. The whole is characterized by great attention to detail - we can see the characteristic of the City of Angels buildings, district of Hollywood, sunny beaches, crowded downtown high office or dirty slums.

The game, as in predecessors, consists of a series of missions, forming a non-linear axis of the narrative. Our tasks include car theft, carefully planned bank robberies, shootings, to escape from the police, robbery, murder, or the typical dirty job, intended only for the true thug.

GTA V breaks with the common concept of a single character, which inspired the studio Rockstar since time immemorial. The player takes on the three criminals, between which can switch at any time. Each has its own story, their own goals and the company in which it rotates. At some point, the fate of the three, however, begin to intertwine.

Michael is a gangster, who in the past attacked banks, but coming to Los Santos to break with the past and start a new chapter. As a result of its inclusion in the witness protection program, changed his life and used the fund, which provided him with the police. But something inside him crack and decides to return to the old. Trevor is a psychopath, a brutal sadist and a drug addict, which are not constrained by the rules. He lives only by adrenaline and fun. While Franklin is a young, black hustler, working for the Armenian tycoon car, pulling a long with people who are not able to pay a certain sum for the time. His motto is cheating, so that is going to make a fortune.

The program drives the motor RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine), so that on the TV screen is generated advanced graphic design. Grand Theft Auto V also includes a multiplayer mode.

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Star Wars :The Old Republic

Today I will show you a very good online game.

There a lots of people who likes Star Wars movies, and much more.

Im one of this people and if you are riding this, I thing you are to, then lets see the game build for asas !!

Star Wars :The Old Republic

It’s a only massively-multiplayer online game ho how a Free-to-Play option that will put you at the center of your own story-driven saga of Star Wars .

Here you can play as a Jedi, a Sith, a Bounty Hunter or as one of many other Star Wars icons and explore an age over 3000 years before the classic films.

Become a hero of your own Star Wars adventure and choose your path side of the Light or Dark side of the Force.

Here you can play the complete story-driven adventure up to level 50 for free but you will have some restrictions, but you can enjoy unlimited game access as a Subscriber including a Rewards Program which will grant Complimentary Cartel Coins.

Choose from one of eight iconic roles and become the hero of your personal Star Wars saga
Meaningful choices throughout your journey will determine your path down the light or dark side of the Force.

Build or break meaningful relationships with your companions as they join in your journeys and fight at your side.

Fight against reactive enemies in dynamic Lightsaber duels, cantina shootouts, and large-scale multi-player battles.

By a pilot of  your own ship which is your base of operations as you explore the galaxy and participate in epic space combat.

And join your friends in fast-paced combat encounters including player-vs.-player Warzones, multi-player Flashpoints and Operations, and much more.

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Desert Operations

Desert Operations

The Desert Operations begin the game as the ruler of a small country, which does not mean much in the international arena.

Our goal is to change, and only depends on us how we do it. One of the ways is to expand military power and aggressive policy and the use of the military to gain an advantage over your opponents. Desert Operations also provides, however, more subtle methods of development of the state. We assume alliances or join existing pacts and gain an advantage in diplomacy or engage in trade and create economic power with which to establish an alliance better than to start a war, hoping for help, for example in the form of valuable raw materials.

First, the economy, then the army

Operations Desert Gameplay takes place at two levels: the management of the base and the military. In the first case, you have to take care of the continuous extraction of raw materials and the proper functioning of an economic base, because without money, and a constant supply of raw materials quickly become an easy target for other players.

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Royal Quest

Royal Quest

Royal Quest is the first MMORPG game, 
designed by Russian studio Katauri Interactive - a producer who in the achievements of such popular series as Space Rangers and King's Bounty.

, Royal Quest is set in a fantasy world that bears the name of the Aura, where magic, technology and alchemy are intertwined, creating an unusual blend. Once peaceful land is presented to players at the moment is on the brink of collapse. Lead to the despicable actions of powerful alchemist. Not only that, he is able to kill anyone who gets in his way to power, it is still desired to possess a very rare and precious mineral Elenium, which gives the holder an almost unlimited power.
Players move into this production, at a time when a good ruler Aura, not capable to cope with the opportunist, ready to begin the search for daredevils attempt to overthrow the alchemist once and for all. In return, the heroes can count on the undying gratitude, money, castles and estates and titles.

The game, like most MMOs, consists of traversing the vast world of the game, completing tasks and missions commissioned by the independent characters, participating in raids, as well as the fight against opponents (played by a large number of different beast). The basis of success is, of course, the development of skills and abilities controlled hero. A large variety of role-playing are unmistakable pattern forts and castles.

 They are extremely important from the point of view of the game, as the Royal Quest one of the most important tasks of the player is to take over the building, and also collected the gold. Captured fortresses can each be equipped with additional infrastructure (mine gold or garden), which not only has a positive effect on the growth of prestige, but also is a source of valuable raw materials that are used by residents.
In carrying out its tasks the player takes part in clashes with a number of different opponents. According to the rules of MMO games, they are a source of experience points and gold. Sometimes liquidated enemy will leave behind a unique item or a special card that allows you to improve some element of your inventory or to acquire new skills.

Judging at the Royal Quest require the player to focus and continuous analysis of the situation. Fighting against the opponent to hot thunderbolts nothing useful to the most powerful burning sword. In turn, each creature ice fall under the weight of even the average of Fire Hammer. In addition, the game will not run out of PvP combat capabilities, as well as PvPvE, in which players can compete with one another and with the beasts controlled by the AI.

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Star Conflict

Star Conflict

Star Conflict is a space simulator realized in the convention MMO. 

This is the debut of studies Star Gem, owned specializing in simulations Russian company Gaijin Entertainment.

The game is set in the distant future, three thousand years after the first colonists left Earth. Proceeds in the galaxy are divided between powerful stellar empires and large groups of mercenaries. All eyes are turned towards the recently discovered Sector 1337. There are ruins of civilization Precursors - an ancient race that was destroyed by a mysterious cataclysm. People certainly do not intend to let the alien artifacts left lying fallow. Despite the many dangers lurking out there, more and more daredevils venture into the remote areas of Sector 1337 in search of riches and fame. It is in these adventurers take on players.

Star Conflict combines elements of the space simulator and MMO. So we begin the adventure of creating his own character. Fun resembles classic productions likes of Wing Commander, and the next to us in a game attended by hundreds of other people. We can communicate with them, to work (for example, performing together difficult missions), or compete and fight. Flight physics is not fully realistic, but also the complexity of the whole is more than the typical arcade game shooter.

 It features a wide range of players was given weapons and ships, from small and fast fighters to large star cruisers. All this we use when filling a variety of missions. Over time, virtual pilots learn new skills and their machines equipped with many improvements.

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Generals of War

Generals of War

Change the story of the First World War! Take part in the first of the great conflicts of the twentieth century, a war that forever changed the understanding of all wars. Prepare your army well: take care of their training and equipment and follow the collapse of the era when you reached for the victory in the Generals of War.

During this incredible game set in dealing with the realities of World War I will have the opportunity to deal not only with a variety of tasks, but also to the ambitions of other players. The dynamic combat system will allow you to feel in a situation of soldiers, and the continuing threat of attacks from other players to learn rapid response forces, tactical thinking and strategy development.

For sure it will not be easy: Turning wars is a complex task. Your job, as a leader, you will not only inspire soldiers in battle, but also to ensure a balance of economic and diplomatic. Cost of war, your economy will therefore have to act rapidly in order to provide you with a solid, full supply of raw materials necessary for the construction and maintenance of the army.

No less important will be in contact with other leaders in the conflict. Extensive system of diplomatic relations and the various communication tools available in the game provide an excellent basis, to ensure that your relationships with other players, changed the face of the front, where you'll fight. An alliance, sign a non-aggression pacts and saying another war. Get allies in other alliances, and together Reach the trophy winners.

So what fighting style you choose? You will be a lone wolf, or join an alliance? You focus on diplomacy and development of, or on high-speed, high-impact attacks? Go ahead and check it out today Generals of War!

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Anno Online

Anno Online

Anno Online is almost a full-sized part of a series designed to play in any web browser. 

The game was developed in flash technology and does not require installing any additional plug-ins. 

Is responsible for the title of the German company Blue byte.

The authors prepared a complex economic mechanics, so the bottom and most important layer of Anno Online is no different than the regular series. 

The player's task is the construction and urban development in the era of stylized Middle Ages, as well as taking care of the development of trade in raw materials and agricultural produce to meet the needs of residents. For this purpose, it is necessary to assume the city on the first island, which is the same for all users of the game. It was only with the development and construction of the shipyard following exploration and expansion into other lands with a flotilla of ships. One person can control a maximum of nine islands.

The player is one hundred and twenty different types of buildings, and each one has called. sphere of influence. This allows for accurate planning expansion of the city and makes it easier to respond to the needs of residents. All in all, each of the cities may consist of up to eight hundred buildings.

An important element of the game is the ability to cooperate with other players. This applies above all trade in raw materials, but you can also rent boats or help build a monument - a great cathedral. In Anno Online does not provide for the possibility of speaking of generating wars and spies, so that existence is purely peaceful. Players can form themselves into guilds.



Grepolis will enchant you fascinating graphics and an interesting scenario. 

This strategic action game is set in ancient Greece and reflects a very dynamic and progressive times.

You start your adventure in the game Grepolis on one of the many Greek islands. Your first task on this island is set up so-called policy (from the Greek "city"). As in any game of this type is the most important acquisition of new lands. Only you can decide on what strategy you choose. Get it for example, control over their own island or attack fellow players settled there, go to the conquest of the other islands, or choose the path of diplomacy and contain covenants with its neighbors. Browser game Grepolis offers a wide field of action for each tactic.

Each of the worlds game contains about 20,000 islands. These are ideal conditions for hardcore fighting on the mainland or the breathtaking battles on the high seas. Therefore it is important to have in the game Grepolis both strong land forces and powerful battle fleet.

In ancient Greece, would be of the mystical world of the gods. In the game Grepolis meet along the way, such as the heavenly glory of Zeus, Poseidon and Athena. Think carefully which of the gods you worship especially because each of them can give you other benefits and powers.

The browser game Grepolis there are various research institutes where you have the opportunity to explore different levels of technological advancement and thus secure a big advantage over other players. Who knows, maybe you will become the most celebrated soon Greek, Ancient Greece which has not yet seen.

Empire: Four Kingdom [Android]

Empire: Four Kingdom [Android]

Get ready to fight and play Empire:

 Four Kingdoms now for free! 

Check out this winning MIDDLE strategy games and compete with millions of other players!

Play Empire: Four kingdom now and discover far countries and continents. The principle of his own kingdom and build a mighty castle. Protect citizens, join the mighty alliance, arm yourself with attacks on countless competing players.

Build fortresses that last forever and unite with other players in a powerful alliances. Capture the strategically important outposts and lay the foundations for a thriving economy. 

Meet new continents and countless fight other players to become the most powerful in the kingdom. Send your troops to fight and reduce your enemies castles in ruins and ashes. Choose from a huge number of deadly weapons for attack and defense. Control of the powerful empire and become a legend in the award-winning MMO strategy Empire: Four Kingdoms.

Wizard 101

Wizard 101

Wizard101 is a new production studio Gameforge, which takes on the role of a student of the school of magic. 

As for the free game, it is an extensive production, which not only allows the development of character and fight against other players, but also has its own storyline.

The fun starts here with the creation of his own character. Wizard101 has several schools of magic, largely based on the elemental. 

Depending on which school we get, we will have a different set of spells. Choosing a school is made through the answers to a few questions. 

For example, if the answer is a most destructive fire disaster, we are determined to act alone, and free time spent on traveling, you get into the school of fire. 

Of course, if we do not fit the assignment, we can change and join another school of their choice. After this selection have yet to determine the appearance of the hero and his name. After this preparation can begin, the fun!

Age of Wulin

Age of Wulin

MMOcRPG game with the action placed in feudal China. 

It created a studio Snail Game (in Asia known as Suzhou Snail Electronic), among others, to whom we owe such productions as: Heroes of Gaia, Age of Armor, and Terra Militaris.

Created by our hero lives in China, somewhere in the late fourteenth and nineteenth centuries. These are the heyday of all martial arts, and our hero also has the ability to take science in this field. In addition to the classic kung-fu (up to eight different schools), and tai chi can also develop other skills, such as acupuncture, meditation and acupressure. However, we are not limited to the bare-knuckle fighting, and at our disposal an arsenal of weapons prepared disputes white.

Age of Wulin is the title completely devoid known from other games of this type of character levels. The development of our hero is based solely on the skills, and these determine how powerful the warrior. In addition to the fight, we can also train the abilities such as walking on water or even flying.

Bored with the performance of one of the twenty thousand tasks outsourced by NPCs, you can try your hand at tournaments, in which we are struggling with other players. Layer of PVP (player versus player) complement attacks on rival school with us. If our offensive is successful, we have a chance to learn the secrets of the opponent, and even learn a new skill that was previously unavailable to us. There were also instances classic space - there are twenty. After the fight, we will craftingiem, namely the creation of various objects. We also focus on their own household, configuring them freely, to deal with the exploration of the world, and even ... get married.

Nicely, for free productions of this kind, presents graphics. We visit several climatic zones, from the jungles of the cold wastelands. All this in the oriental ambience of feudal China, which is also matched sound setting.

4 Story

4 Story

This MMORPG developed by Zemi Interactive and published in the first half of March 2009 in Poland by Gameforge4D, known mainly from the issue of text-based games, such as whether Ikariam Ogame. 

In many ways it resembles World of Warcraft, and some even call 4Story clone of World of Warcraft due to the very large number of similar solutions and a similar creation of the world. Game developers poszczycili not even on the original names, which in one letter 4Story often resemble those of the World of Warcraft - for example Derion and Darion. 4Story world is divided into three nations: Valorian Derion Gor and strong.

Valorian, a country dominated by the military. It is inhabited by people tough, strong and proven in many battles.

Derion, is a land of magic. Civilization Derion his entire existence was tied with the myths, the spirits of the land and communing with the magic.

The player was given a choice of 3 playable races: Human and Feline Fairy and 6 classes: Warrior, Knight, Dark Shadow, Archer, Magician, Priest, and Enchanter.

In the game, the focus is mainly on solving the tasks assigned to us by the NCP, for which we get exp and gain lvls. Besides fighting with all sorts of creatures, but we can also to challenge another player in PvP.

Shakes and Fidget

Shakes and Fidget

Shakes & Fidget is a fantasy RPG game operates from the browser. 

Our main business is to create and develop a form, sending her on a dangerous adventure, as well as a visit to the inn, where we will satisfy the desire, or the arena where we can deal with the other players.

We can choose between two factions, each with four races, from which we create our character. Then set details such as the mouth, eyes, ears, etc. A multitude of choices is large and you can create a character as best suited to your needs. Next we choose the class of your character, make a selection from the three available: mage, archer and warrior. Heroes differ mainly types of statistics to be developed in the course of the game. Warrior will need a lot of power, but the archer will rather rely on agility.
The primary way to get the cash needed dozbrajaniu both form and development of statistics are carried out. These can be found in the tavern to start a conversation with the guests. With each visit to the inn, we can choose one of the three tasks, and it is worth to pay close attention to the awards, because sometimes getting a job more profitable than others. Sometimes we get additional experience, it happens that more gold, and sometimes magical item.
Game Notes very nice graphics and humorous approach to the whole play. Starting from character creation, which we can choose a completely strange expression on his face, to the content of the same adventures. During the latter, among other things we will find the parts needed to build a body of Frankenstein or hunt rabbit-killer who all ideas Easter puts a big question mark.

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Legend Online

Legend Online

The start time of the game, which lasted several centuries war people and magical beasts come to an end. 

Ages battles brought no settlement, leaving the whole world into chaos. 
When the once powerful empire, as a result of the war began to fall just as easily as rotten trunk of the tree, the more territories were occupied by foreign Kojen tribes, magical beasts, and began to conceive more and more boldly, attacking human settlements, the size of clusters of monsters leads to the assumption that it will soon come leading to a large new ...

Main character: "I want to beat all the beasts and all humanity be my power." These words reflect the beauty of the true conqueror, his optimism, rigorous, mature thinking, courage and abilities far surpass ordinary mortals. No mercy for magical beasts and traitors among men and gods, making it effective in combat and Legendary undefeated like Kratos.

The area of the game: The Magical World is divided into three parts. Each continent has its own name and specificity: the first continent "Gaia" means "birth", the second "Fama" means "growth", the third "Yana" means "battle". Continents differ in their surface structure is formed by different conditions, you'll find both solace giving oasis, vast meadows, high mountains, lush forests, floating island, as well as dangerous and unpredictable, deserts, swamps, volcanoes, lava lakes, snow nowhere, everywhere you can find traces of civilization: temples, ruins, camps, villages, towns, strongholds like.

Breeds in the Game: Undead, dragons, minotaurs, Eidole, Centaurs, Angels etc. In addition to this basic division beasts have additional categories, you'll come across monsters that have been enchanted, mutated, become ghosts, have been marked by a curse, received the mark of death or terror, etc. Sub-there are so many that the opponents each time the player will surprise its unique properties.

Each race in the game has its own unique characteristics, as well as a complicated relationship with the other races in such a complicated melting pot of tribes and races, you will not only have their own unique characteristics, it is a complicated relationship with each other, for example. People and the Tritons once had for the deadly hostility, and Over time, however, the hostility has given way to cooperation, and this in turn became the foundation of friendship. There is now a strong antagonism between the Dragons and Angels, which determines the rather turbulent współbytowaniu continents ... These and other relationships to its complexity filling the entire space of the world ...

Style: Architecture game is modeled on European-style of late medieval and early Renaissance. Battlefield, temples and sacred spots dazzle aura of dreams or nightmares. Outfitting each character is mainly items from steel and leather, often decorated with magic and precious gems. Money in the game jet gold.

My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo

Zoo Games climates enjoy great popularity in recent times.

Millions of gamers around the world take care of their virtual pet, feed and pamper them trying to create their pupilom as pleasurable environment for everyday life by using different kinds of decorations, plants and buildings.

  One example of a game with animals is a fun simulation aquarium Free Aqua Zoo.

In the game Free Aqua Zoo player catches his own comfort in all kinds of lakes and the surrounding ponds, feeds it, caresses and educates to be developed and grown in strength and won the next level. Each of the experienced or freshly baked

Akwarian also has the capability of their own culture, przesłodkiego fry. Zoo Games in climates such as Free Aqua Zoo or My Free Zoo make a real pleasure to all family members, regardless of age or gender.

Is this freshly-fit for the student rookie, the holder of the card, or the proud owner of the first gray hair - easy to use, instantly understandable and varied game rules Zoo kept in a climate such as My Free Zoo and Free Aqua Zoo grab any kind of audience, whether it's mom, her happy flock or grandpa Broniu. Therefore, excellent news for the whole family is the information that you can play the game Zoo completely for free, because we are dealing with so-called browser games - a special kind of online games that are directly reachable by the browser installed on the computers of players (for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) this allows downloading any files, and installing them become completely redundant and belong to the past, which in turn enables uncomplicated, varied and free play in various games such as My Zoo Free Zoo or Free Aqua Zoo.
Each race in the game has its own unique characteristics, as well as a complicated relationship with the other races in such a complicated melting pot of tribes and races, you will not only have their own unique characteristics, it is a complicated relationship with each other, for example. People and the Tritons once had for the deadly hostility, and Over time, however, the hostility has given way to cooperation, and this in turn became the foundation of friendship. There is now a strong antagonism between the Dragons and Angels, which determines the rather turbulent współbytowaniu continents ... These and other relationships to its complexity filling the entire space of the world ...
Style: Architecture game is modeled on European-style of late medieval and early Renaissance. Battlefield, temples and sacred spots dazzle aura of dreams or nightmares. Outfitting each character is mainly items from steel and leather, often decorated with magic and precious gems. Money in the game jet gold.

Metin 2

Metin 2

Metin2 is another representative of the genre of free MMORPGs, which do not require the payment of a monthly subscription.

 Published and maintained by G4Box (including Dragon Raja) offers most of the standard ideas of the species typical MMO, supplemented by a number of original solutions, especially polished, hard arcade combat model, three-dimensional-like action games, the likes of Daemon Vector or Forgotten Realms: demon Stone.

The program was embedded in a fairly typical for the Eastern RPG fantasy realities, deftly combining oriental mysticism presented with a fantastic world full of magic and demons. For many years, the power exercised over the vast continent of representatives of a great empire.

 Peaceful inhabitants lived in peace and harmony, enjoying the health wise and righteous rulers. Unfortunately, times of prosperity ended with a powerful rain of meteorites, which bombed a large part of the planet. Macha soon swarmed the cosmic origin of magic stones (title methine), which strongly complicated life of the natives. 

Troublesome monuments in contact with living organisms przeobrażały them monstrous creatures, and local air carriers quickly was poisoned by an unknown disease. So far interference in the natural order of the empire could not go unnoticed. In a very short time, the state has lost a great territorial cohesion and broke up into three smaller kingdoms, fiercely fighting for survival and treating each other as implacable enemies. 

But he was poor and lived in constant fear of the power of cosmic stones. With time, however, appeared someone who could become the savior of the nation - the individual bear the name of the Dragon God (Dragon God) Featuring a power capable to neutralize and overcome the influence methine. 

Players are in favor of one of the three parties to the conflict, combat heroes of different nations and seek to gain the favor of the powerful deity.
The choice we have a total of four major classes of characters. Warrior is a strong and tough fighter, capable to specialize in offensive (Arahan) or defensive (Partisan). Assassin is deadly fast and efficient killer, fighting in close quarters (Assassin), or at a distance (Archer). 

Demon Sura has extraordinary skills with his devilish hand, which can be used both to improve melee attacks (Mirage) and increase the potential of magical power (Black Magic). Finally, the Mage is a classic wizard spells which have an extensive range of support (Lighting) and destructive (Dragon). 

Importantly, each profession has advanced quite a different set of special abilities, not available to the representatives of other specializations (even within the same class home, which doubles the number of available types of practical character). There are only eight of the skills of the main, which are open to all professions. Interestingly, our specialized form very early, after reaching the fifth level of experience. 

You can also specify gender and appearance of our hero, they also decide on the development of its physical parameters (four main factors: strength, intelligence, strength and dexterity). Promotion to the next levels are associated with an increase in the pool of skill points, which we use to learn and develop expertise available in this ability.

Gameplay consists primarily of wandering around the killing of a local area pack animals and hordes of monsters. Metin2 is characteristic of very dense distribution of mobs, which is related to the way the fight. Normal attacks combine any form because in wielociosowe combinations (like in the aforementioned action game with RPG elements), so that we can deal damage multiple enemies at the same time. This allows for a much more rapid elimination of creatures and positively affect the dynamics of the game and the speed of character development. Each class has its own series of attacks that work in different situations. The game does not rely solely on killing - NPC are for us a lot of different things to do and not all require id bass engage in direct combat.

After reaching a high level of experience you access to stronger and more powerful parts inventory. Over time, we have the opportunity to create your own guild or join an existing one. The best guilds grow quickly and can buy a piece of land ownership, which then rise majestic guild house, which is a cause for pride and glory. It is also the role of use - it can be to build, among others, altar (which increases the upper limit of the number of members) and furnace (allowing for melting the ore extracted by the players and other craft materials). All that we do, of course, in order to overcome the other two nations and to achieve supremacy over submerged in the chaos of the territories of central Europe.

War Thunder

War Thunder

War Thunder is a game released in the formula of a network of free-to-play allows to play the historic battles of World War II and the Korean War.

 A special feature of the title is the ability to take part in the battle be joined. The pilots, sailors tankers in the future will fight one battle, and victory will depend on the cooperation of all three forces: aviation, armored and Navy. The game was developed by Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment, known for such productions as m.in.Wings of Prey, Birds of Steel and Apache: Air Assault.
It features a wide range of players cast vehicles that participated in the battles of that period. We sit at the controls of both different types of fighters and bombers, as well as direct the tanks, tank destroyers and antiaircraft cannons, especially useful when playing battles combined. Currently there are several hundred aircraft belonging to the Air Germany, Soviet Union, Great Britain, Japan and the United States and dozens of German and Soviet armored vehicles. All machines are described in a number of statistics reflecting their actual performance. By playing more regularly clash will be able to expand our collection of vehicles, as well as improve the models currently held by improving their components or selecting appropriate to the mission being played ammunition.

The battles can participate up to thirty players divided into two teams, which depending on the selected mode, you can opt for a game only by aircraft or tanks (arcade battle), or combined battle play, which will meet on the battlefield at the same time aviation and armor (and realistic battle simulation). To fight we can stand alone, or in a platoon / squadron population of up to four people.

War Thunder has a very powerful, realistic physics system and damage. Both planes and tanks behave just like their real counterparts, while eliminating the opponent takes place only when the crew unconscious or destroy critical vehicle components, such as motors or ammunition store. The skill clashes user interface makes it easier to aim in sensitive parts of enemy machines; realistic battles we do not have that facility. Fortunately, thanks to a series of extensive tutorials game suitable for both novice aviators and tankers as well as for seasoned players in virtual battles.

Gaijin Entertainment's productions are known for their attractive graphics and War Thunder continuing this tradition. All maps were created on the basis of modern satellite images of modified data from maps from the 1940s. Also available extensive social features, allowing, among others, assume clans, alliances and organize clashes with rival groups.

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online carries well-known to all settlers to the browser. 

Brand is responsible for the conversion of the same studio as an original or Blue Byte. 

Knowing the value of the game and the players for the commitment they have used the same gameplay elements as in the previous sections.

The whole game is based on the skilful and sustainable development of our kingdom. The foundation of every settlement network is efficient distribution of goods to do so, we must erect new buildings and upgrade them regularly and ensure that our patients have everything in abundance. After proper development of our economy must take care of our army, because she is the core of our power, and only thanks to her, we can expand our empire.

A large difference between the settlers and the classic przeglądarkowymi aspect is the network. Next to us are more or less the kingdom managed by other players with whom to ally, trade and even fight. The entire game was embellished with colorful and visually pleasing artistic setting reminiscent of the first views of the cycle.

The game zaimpletowano micro payments system. There are so balanced that we do not need to spend our money because that's all we can to get devoting a little more time and paying for the game. The game is currently in open beta tests, but I note that after the end of the account will remain, an additional argument for trying out the title of the Polish language version.

World of Warplanes PL

World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is airline MMO based on the model free of micropayments. 

Produced by studio Wargaming.net, mainly known World of Tanks. 

The economic system of the game is also common to other online gaming this team, that is World of World of Battleships Tanks which means that the virtual currency and experience in one of these titles can also utilize the other two.

The game allows you to sit at the controls of one of the many aircraft from the so-called period. the golden age of aviation - from machines that predates the Second World War until the first jet fighter used during the Korean War, or prototypes, which were never completed (eg. an experimental aircraft of the Third Reich). All aircraft have unique and true characteristics. With progress in the game, we can expand and improve, thus increasing their combat potential. Next steps careers virtual remote possibility of redemption are rewarded with better products. Only the best can get behind the wheel of jets.

Aircraft are divided into four classes - light and on-board closeup fighters directly maneuver, heavily armed fighters and assault machines specializing in attacks on ground targets. The standard mode of the game, developed specifically for World of Warplanes is Supremacy, in which we knock down all the enemy machines, or to develop an advantage on the battlefield, including due to the destruction of enemy ground installations. Aircraft, of course, they move much faster than the tanks, so the maps are more extensive than in World of Tanks. Not relying on any actual conflict has allowed developers to a lot of choice when creating a site. The game features levels placed on all continents and there is also a city battles.
World of Warplanes is not trying to be a simulator. Instead, control and interface are similar to those from the arcade. In contrast, the elements do not require direct supervision of players, such as flight physics and damage system, are quite realistic. Each aircraft in the air behaves in a manner similar to reality. According to the current fashion game also offers a lot of social features that allow players to communicate, competition and community associations organized in clans.

World of Tanks PL

World of Tanks is a free MMO that focuses on the battles between the tanks. 

Produced by studio Wargaming.net, known for Order of War and Assault seriiMassive.

The game offers us a chance to take the lead in one of more than 150 tanks, tank destroyers and self-propelled artillery from different historical periods, from a time before the Second World War to the Korean War.

Each of them has a unique and consistent with the reality of the characteristics that can be improved through the development and various improvements. 

Equipment is made available to American, German, Soviet, French, British, Chinese and Japanese.

Clashes are in the form of short minikampanii and tournaments, as well as individual battles fought in various modes. 
You can also try your hand at one of the massive Clan Wars, in which players roll battles for control of the map, consisting of hundreds of provinces. 
In this mode, it is required not only a sharp eye, but also strategic and diplomatic capabilities. 
In the various battles involving units made with up to 15 players.
World of Tanks is a mixture of species. 
Simulation was used as the foundation, through which we can feel like a real tank commander. 
During the game we will have to develop and improve our "armored monster" like figure in productions RPG. All that has been flavored with elements of action and strategy. 
There is no room for lone wolves. In the world of World of Tanks only chance for survival is to work closely with the rest of branch.