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Grand Theft Auto 5

I present 

Grand Theft Auto 5 (PC)

Premiere: March 24, 2015

Grand Theft Auto V is another part of the famous gangster saga under the sign of Rockstar Games. Production crosses again the player to the giant, bustling metropolis and offers him considerable freedom of action. The title is a adventure action game with a camera ski hire from a third person perspective.

This time we return to Los Santos, a virtual adaptation of Los Angeles, located in the fictional state of San Andreas. There is no shortage at the sites outside the city - mountains, forests, meadows, lakes, farms, small towns, and even in the depths of the ocean environment. The whole is characterized by great attention to detail - we can see the characteristic of the City of Angels buildings, district of Hollywood, sunny beaches, crowded downtown high office or dirty slums.

The game, as in predecessors, consists of a series of missions, forming a non-linear axis of the narrative. Our tasks include car theft, carefully planned bank robberies, shootings, to escape from the police, robbery, murder, or the typical dirty job, intended only for the true thug.

GTA V breaks with the common concept of a single character, which inspired the studio Rockstar since time immemorial. The player takes on the three criminals, between which can switch at any time. Each has its own story, their own goals and the company in which it rotates. At some point, the fate of the three, however, begin to intertwine.

Michael is a gangster, who in the past attacked banks, but coming to Los Santos to break with the past and start a new chapter. As a result of its inclusion in the witness protection program, changed his life and used the fund, which provided him with the police. But something inside him crack and decides to return to the old. Trevor is a psychopath, a brutal sadist and a drug addict, which are not constrained by the rules. He lives only by adrenaline and fun. While Franklin is a young, black hustler, working for the Armenian tycoon car, pulling a long with people who are not able to pay a certain sum for the time. His motto is cheating, so that is going to make a fortune.

The program drives the motor RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine), so that on the TV screen is generated advanced graphic design. Grand Theft Auto V also includes a multiplayer mode.