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War Thunder

War Thunder

War Thunder is a game released in the formula of a network of free-to-play allows to play the historic battles of World War II and the Korean War.

 A special feature of the title is the ability to take part in the battle be joined. The pilots, sailors tankers in the future will fight one battle, and victory will depend on the cooperation of all three forces: aviation, armored and Navy. The game was developed by Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment, known for such productions as m.in.Wings of Prey, Birds of Steel and Apache: Air Assault.
It features a wide range of players cast vehicles that participated in the battles of that period. We sit at the controls of both different types of fighters and bombers, as well as direct the tanks, tank destroyers and antiaircraft cannons, especially useful when playing battles combined. Currently there are several hundred aircraft belonging to the Air Germany, Soviet Union, Great Britain, Japan and the United States and dozens of German and Soviet armored vehicles. All machines are described in a number of statistics reflecting their actual performance. By playing more regularly clash will be able to expand our collection of vehicles, as well as improve the models currently held by improving their components or selecting appropriate to the mission being played ammunition.

The battles can participate up to thirty players divided into two teams, which depending on the selected mode, you can opt for a game only by aircraft or tanks (arcade battle), or combined battle play, which will meet on the battlefield at the same time aviation and armor (and realistic battle simulation). To fight we can stand alone, or in a platoon / squadron population of up to four people.

War Thunder has a very powerful, realistic physics system and damage. Both planes and tanks behave just like their real counterparts, while eliminating the opponent takes place only when the crew unconscious or destroy critical vehicle components, such as motors or ammunition store. The skill clashes user interface makes it easier to aim in sensitive parts of enemy machines; realistic battles we do not have that facility. Fortunately, thanks to a series of extensive tutorials game suitable for both novice aviators and tankers as well as for seasoned players in virtual battles.

Gaijin Entertainment's productions are known for their attractive graphics and War Thunder continuing this tradition. All maps were created on the basis of modern satellite images of modified data from maps from the 1940s. Also available extensive social features, allowing, among others, assume clans, alliances and organize clashes with rival groups.