wtorek, 27 stycznia 2015

Metal Gear Solid 5

Metal Gear Solid V:

 The Phantom Pain [Xbox 360]

Premiere:  2015

The next edition of the popular Japanese series the action games developed by Konami. Is responsible for its production studio Kojima Productions. The origins of the cycle, which is the originator and director Hideo Kojima, date back 1987 years. It consists of several major parts and many-core titles. 

The story of all of them joined together and present a variety of perspectives on the events that took place over several years.
The main protagonist of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is Punished Snake (aka Big Boss), one of the key figures in the Metal Gear universe, which is well-known veterans of the series, . 

He wakes up after nine years of coma, which was a result of his injuries, including the loss of his left hand. The events that led him to this state, are presented in the prologue of the game, titled Ground Zeroes. Shortly after regaining consciousness, the hospital in which he resides Snake is attacked by gunmen and the hero has to escape. It helps him in this mysterious patient with veiled face, showing up as Ishmael.

The creators have placed a lot of significant changes to the system of the game. One of the biggest news is the open world, offering a lot of fun and the freedom of choice of the path of further action. Metal Gear Solid 5 is driving a brand new engine - FOX Engine, developed by engineers and programmers from Kojima Productions. Its advantage is realistic visuals and advanced mapping capabilities of physics.