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Legend Online

Legend Online

The start time of the game, which lasted several centuries war people and magical beasts come to an end. 

Ages battles brought no settlement, leaving the whole world into chaos. 
When the once powerful empire, as a result of the war began to fall just as easily as rotten trunk of the tree, the more territories were occupied by foreign Kojen tribes, magical beasts, and began to conceive more and more boldly, attacking human settlements, the size of clusters of monsters leads to the assumption that it will soon come leading to a large new ...

Main character: "I want to beat all the beasts and all humanity be my power." These words reflect the beauty of the true conqueror, his optimism, rigorous, mature thinking, courage and abilities far surpass ordinary mortals. No mercy for magical beasts and traitors among men and gods, making it effective in combat and Legendary undefeated like Kratos.

The area of the game: The Magical World is divided into three parts. Each continent has its own name and specificity: the first continent "Gaia" means "birth", the second "Fama" means "growth", the third "Yana" means "battle". Continents differ in their surface structure is formed by different conditions, you'll find both solace giving oasis, vast meadows, high mountains, lush forests, floating island, as well as dangerous and unpredictable, deserts, swamps, volcanoes, lava lakes, snow nowhere, everywhere you can find traces of civilization: temples, ruins, camps, villages, towns, strongholds like.

Breeds in the Game: Undead, dragons, minotaurs, Eidole, Centaurs, Angels etc. In addition to this basic division beasts have additional categories, you'll come across monsters that have been enchanted, mutated, become ghosts, have been marked by a curse, received the mark of death or terror, etc. Sub-there are so many that the opponents each time the player will surprise its unique properties.

Each race in the game has its own unique characteristics, as well as a complicated relationship with the other races in such a complicated melting pot of tribes and races, you will not only have their own unique characteristics, it is a complicated relationship with each other, for example. People and the Tritons once had for the deadly hostility, and Over time, however, the hostility has given way to cooperation, and this in turn became the foundation of friendship. There is now a strong antagonism between the Dragons and Angels, which determines the rather turbulent współbytowaniu continents ... These and other relationships to its complexity filling the entire space of the world ...

Style: Architecture game is modeled on European-style of late medieval and early Renaissance. Battlefield, temples and sacred spots dazzle aura of dreams or nightmares. Outfitting each character is mainly items from steel and leather, often decorated with magic and precious gems. Money in the game jet gold.