środa, 7 stycznia 2015

Age of Wulin

Age of Wulin

MMOcRPG game with the action placed in feudal China. 

It created a studio Snail Game (in Asia known as Suzhou Snail Electronic), among others, to whom we owe such productions as: Heroes of Gaia, Age of Armor, and Terra Militaris.

Created by our hero lives in China, somewhere in the late fourteenth and nineteenth centuries. These are the heyday of all martial arts, and our hero also has the ability to take science in this field. In addition to the classic kung-fu (up to eight different schools), and tai chi can also develop other skills, such as acupuncture, meditation and acupressure. However, we are not limited to the bare-knuckle fighting, and at our disposal an arsenal of weapons prepared disputes white.

Age of Wulin is the title completely devoid known from other games of this type of character levels. The development of our hero is based solely on the skills, and these determine how powerful the warrior. In addition to the fight, we can also train the abilities such as walking on water or even flying.

Bored with the performance of one of the twenty thousand tasks outsourced by NPCs, you can try your hand at tournaments, in which we are struggling with other players. Layer of PVP (player versus player) complement attacks on rival school with us. If our offensive is successful, we have a chance to learn the secrets of the opponent, and even learn a new skill that was previously unavailable to us. There were also instances classic space - there are twenty. After the fight, we will craftingiem, namely the creation of various objects. We also focus on their own household, configuring them freely, to deal with the exploration of the world, and even ... get married.

Nicely, for free productions of this kind, presents graphics. We visit several climatic zones, from the jungles of the cold wastelands. All this in the oriental ambience of feudal China, which is also matched sound setting.