czwartek, 8 stycznia 2015

Generals of War

Generals of War

Change the story of the First World War! Take part in the first of the great conflicts of the twentieth century, a war that forever changed the understanding of all wars. Prepare your army well: take care of their training and equipment and follow the collapse of the era when you reached for the victory in the Generals of War.

During this incredible game set in dealing with the realities of World War I will have the opportunity to deal not only with a variety of tasks, but also to the ambitions of other players. The dynamic combat system will allow you to feel in a situation of soldiers, and the continuing threat of attacks from other players to learn rapid response forces, tactical thinking and strategy development.

For sure it will not be easy: Turning wars is a complex task. Your job, as a leader, you will not only inspire soldiers in battle, but also to ensure a balance of economic and diplomatic. Cost of war, your economy will therefore have to act rapidly in order to provide you with a solid, full supply of raw materials necessary for the construction and maintenance of the army.

No less important will be in contact with other leaders in the conflict. Extensive system of diplomatic relations and the various communication tools available in the game provide an excellent basis, to ensure that your relationships with other players, changed the face of the front, where you'll fight. An alliance, sign a non-aggression pacts and saying another war. Get allies in other alliances, and together Reach the trophy winners.

So what fighting style you choose? You will be a lone wolf, or join an alliance? You focus on diplomacy and development of, or on high-speed, high-impact attacks? Go ahead and check it out today Generals of War!