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Lego Jurassic World - Jurassic Park III: Spinosaurus and breeding facility

The beginning of the stage
Start walking along a designated route through the transparent coin. When you reach the river using the Haka Paul on the orange handle on a tree. Przewale them and go to the other side. Alan then claw your way through the government of plants and start the mission.
Spinosaurus vs. T.Rex
Start by directing toward the imprisoned Dr. Alan, who give a hand. After pulling him out of trouble go to the right and excavation Alan-moving piece of land. With scattered blocks create an orange handle, which use the hook Paul. In this way, you fire the yellow bird that distract Spinosaurus.
Then switch to the T-Rex form and press the buttons that appear on the screen. In this way, Spinosaurus attack. After a few blows again knock your opponent to the ground. Back then the form of ordinary characters and move to the right. With bricks build the footbridge and go across the river.
Change figure on Udesky'ego and shoot with his rifle at the target on a tree on the right.When I have carried down the blocks pick up the red crank and start to go after blue footprints on the ground. Dig mechanism and build with blocks launcher. Turn the red crank on the right, and Alan przepiłuj line at the bottom of the mechanism. In this way, you fire the Spinosaurus cauldron.
Again, switch to a dinosaur and shipyards second part of the match with Spinosaurus. After returning to normal skin as a head right. Paula Hook drag the handle to the left, and Alan excavation of bones from the right. Then fit all the bones together, creating a launcher. Stand on it one person to another jump on the first one.
Once you find a site with the right to destroy the flower and create with blocks reel that begin to rotate pushing the green block. In this way naprężysz tree, which hit an enemy dinosaur.Re-enter the skin of the T-Rex and attack Spinosaurus, then return to normal.
Now just turn right and then up the screen between two warring dinosaurs.
The new location switch to Udeky'ego, shoot the shield to the left, the pads create two rods, which jump Amanda. Go to the right and the pillars jump to the ledge on the right. Destroy the plant, and place the missing piece blocks floor, after which zepchnij down white-blue device.
Create a launcher on the stand Alan. Then jump on it another form, and when the doctor is at the top, cut it with a green plant a tree on the right. After the pads have carried to the ground, jump down, pick up Udeskym white canine and walk in the footsteps of the right, where the figure dig bones. Alan folded them.
Create a trampoline, which jump Billy. Climb up the wall to the top and lift parachute located here. To use it again jump up and press and hold the jump button (when the character in air).In this way, you unfold the parachute. After this, fuck right and zepchnij down engine aircraft.
With pads windmill fields, so that all characters will be able to get on top. When you use the hook there you will find Paul on the orange gripper, then go up Billy. Use a parachute to get to the right where destroy the surrounding objects, and create a statue of a dinosaur pushing you move the green dot on the reel. In this way you create a passage for the other characters.
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Go right and use the hook gripper Paul on an orange tree. Inside the trunk you can find a vest. Udeskym pick it up and start walking along the blue trail. At the end Dig blocks and pieced together one camera, which will end stage.

breeding facility

Move the trail of transparent coins and continue until the gate. There, cut the plants with the right Alan and slip you into the beam Amanda. Then grab hook the hood of the car and pull him to the gate. Then go in the direction of the mask and activate a winch, so you destroy the gate, allowing the input other characters. Take along the road, up to the wall, which climb up Billy. Destroy the blue bins on the right and pieced together one arm, which jump using hook and rope Paul.
By plants raise a blade Alan, and on the gate use the hook on an orange handle. Increase Udeskym object that falls out and go after the blue trail. Digg key and use it on the padlock.Go through the gate and start the stage.
The facility Ingenue
Head to the location on the right and walk to the vending machine standing in a corner from the left at the top. Destroy the blade Alan plants and break the glass screaming Amanda.Then pick up the orange Udeskym mechanism. Go with him right from blocks create a mechanism for opening the door. To do so, turn the red crank.
Repel the attack dinosaurs and move to the right. Paul Fix blue paw in the middle of the room, then return to the top of Billy and fuck him right. Push the right chest, you download the bottom hook Paul. With pads create a mechanical arm, then bounce up from the dome to get to the platform on the right.
Jump down to the other side and turn red cock on the right, pouring water into the central chamber. Head down the screen, and then destroy Alan plants from the right. Paul Fix the blue pipes, and when the pressure rolls a red valve, lift it and use it on the water tank on the left. Alan reserves from the bones ladder and hit the right.
Go down the stairs and marked in blue districts follow Billy four photo lab.
The chase corridors
After taking photos, you start to be chased in front of a dinosaur. First of all, try always to run for another track than the reptile. Otherwise, you can start the charge and stab-controlled hero.
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At one point you can rush to the other companions. Now just watch the cutscene that will end stage.