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Lego Jurassic World - The Lost World: San Diego and Landing

To start the stage just get on the helicopter, which odleciałeś from the previous mission.
Docks in San Diego
Head left and pull the crushed man. With blocks, which will be build in the water column and jump over them on the other bank. Destroy a white chest, pick up the red crank and use it on a crane. Turn until you break the chest. With pads create a trap, after which go on board the ship.
Ian go left and climb the ladder to the top. Then destroy the boxes on the left, create one ladder and get after it on the crane. Move the arm down so that there were over a blue container. Rescue in this way man and create a path to the left side of the site. Head down there jumping on floating container, after which hearings with several guards.
Jump girl on the yellow bar, go up the ladder and consider taking the next guard. Destroy the crates to the left and make them wyskocznię from which to get the increase on the left. Roll the valve until you open the door, then go inside and arrange a crew. Ian Come to the blackboard on the wall and go with her to interact.
With pads create a mechanism, which open the door. Come on down and destroy the chest in the corner. Create the blocks stick that jump girlfriend, then skip the next left. Then push the crate to the right, so you will be able to join you, Ian.
Move to the left, hearings with a large group of guards and destroy bronze objects from the left. You will discover in this way the blue button. Stand on the one aspect and the other knock up.
Streets in San Diego
After a while start to chase. During its course the most important is to avoid batches dinosaur.When you see that starts to run fast, you change the page so you do not hit. After a while, the camera will change position and you will see the car from behind. After the passage dinosaur will appear again on your tail, so be sure to evasion.
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Continue driving on the streets of San Diego, until you get to the hangar, where both the mission and the current campaign will end.